An excellent book by Peggy. It can be Purchased at Pallottine Renewal Center or from Amazon. The book is also accessible in the section below by clicking the front cover.  If

By Peggy Kruse  Pelican Island is located in the Missouri River and occupies much of the far north portion of Old Jamestown.  It is separated from the mainland by the

By Peggy Kruse  Below are just a few of the stories we found especially interesting.  You can read through this page and get a feel for some of the area’s

Presented to Old Jamestown Association by Cindy Winkler, Spring 2012 For more than 150 years, we Americans have been fascinated by the Civil War/War Between the States/The War of Northern Aggression, etc.

  As told to Olga Smith, BJC Hospice Lumina Project Volunteer, June 2007 — shared with permission of Ralph’s daughter, Susan  I have so many stories to tell you. Where

Community area study – Old Jamestown Area An evaluation of a part of unincorporated St. Louis County for the St. Louis County PlanningCommission, with the participation of the Old Jamestown