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The Old Jamestown area is bounded by natural streams on the north and south. The Missouri River was the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition and Coldwater Creek was a clear, free flowing stream used by the early Native Americans. The roads bounding the east and west begin in the City of St. Louis and extend from the Halls Ferry Circle to the Missouri River. They were used by early settlers to transport farm produce and merchandise to and from St. Louis.


Old Jamestown Association researches and shares with residents, students, and others the area’s history, unique geological features, events, landmarks, and population; and facilitates communications between residents and the St. Louis County government and neighboring communities.

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A brief history of Old Jamestown Association

Old Jamestown Association was incorporated in 1942 as a benevolent organization by the State of Missouri.  The reasons for forming the Association then are essentially the same reasons for its existence today.  However, some of the concerns of area residents were quite different then: …Evaluate the pros and cons of incorporating as a village…The feeding of garbage to the hogs by local farmers…Trash burning along Sinks Road…Building of snow fences and snowplowing the roads (the Association owned its own snowplow)…

The Association continued to operate during the 1950’s, often responding to such issues as the threat of “being gobbled up by Florissant,” the proposal to install a marine transmitting station for riverboat communications, and the project by Laclede Gas to store all of the natural gas for the St. Louis metropolitan area in a porous rock formation 1200 feet below the ground surface in the Old Jamestown Area.

The Association became inactive in 1963 and remained so until 1987 when St. Louis County announced the formation of the “New Jamestown” Area Study committee, whose purpose was to “help draft a plan for developing one of the County’s few areas that remain largely undeveloped.”  The concept of a comprehensive plan was generally supported by residents.  However, the virtual omission of area residents from the citizens’ study committee, among other concerns, was viewed as intentional.  Citizen activity over the next several months led to the reactivation of the Association in October 1987.  The Association took a contributory role in the Area Study by providing information to the County and keeping residents advised of the progress.  The Area Study was completed and submitted to the County Council in April 1988, six months later than originally planned.


The July 1988 Association Newsletter provides a great deal of information about the development projects and proposals at that time.  The newsletter can be found on our Newsletters page.

-Peggy Kruse

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